reparacion naval

Repair of the Suar Vigo side

Suar Vigo

In this project we have renewed the lining and damaged belt on the starboard side and internal sections of the ship Suar Vigo.

Work carried out

  • Renew a sheet of lining on the starboard side measuring 2500 mm long, 4500 mm high and 10 mm thick.
  • Renovate 3.5 mts. of tubular belt with a diameter of 450, cut in half.
  • Renovate a damaged bulárcama inside, measures approx. 5 mts.
  • Renew the roof by continuing the line of the bulárcama the strong beam of the same section as the bulárcama, it will be renewed 1 mts approx.
  • Renew the 140 mm bull rim damaged inside, measures approx. 2.5 mts.
  • Renovate a section of the roof at medium height in the sheet metal area, the width to be renovated is 1 m and the length is approximately 3 m.
  • Renovate two bull rim frames 180 mm under the roof as well as their corresponding roof consoles.
  • Renovation of a longitudinal reinforcement in 180 mm bull rim under the roof, measures approximately 3 mts.